What Is Wandy? The AI Wizard of Life Insurance, that’s who.

What Is Wandy? The AI Wizard of Life Insurance, that’s who.

an inhabited space suit and helmet. The helmet has two giant orbs for eyes and the suit sports a necktie on its chest. The avatar represents the artificial intelligence PolicyWand uses to help its customers get the best deal on life insurance.

If you’ve requested a quote from PolicyWand, you’ve no doubt met Wandy. And after interacting with our cool little guy, our customers have been asking for more information about it.

Aggregating the Life Insurance Neural Highway

Wandy is what’s called an insurance aggregator neural network—loaded with tons of life insurance data that enables it to take your information, match it with its existing data, and respond back with a tailored quote in real time.


While Wandy’s primary function is to provide quotes and answer life insurance questions, its intuitive technology makes it an apt problem-solver.


Each query interaction expands  Wandy’s fluid insurance knowledge. As the insurance market changes, the rates change. Wandy tracks all of it, flexing its AI skills to anticipate and respond more effectively to new customer queries. The more Wandy’s used, the smarter it gets.


Wandy is not only a great student, but also a great host. The smart little avatar guides guests through the entire life insurance buying process, from initial greeting to setting an appointment with a live agent.


If you need to leave the interaction before setting an appointment, Wandy will remember you when you return. And when it introduces you to a live agent, that agent is fully armed with a customized plan to identify the best policy at the best price without shuffling through files while you wait.


But Why  Call it Wandy?


Society has been using digital technology day in and day out for decades now. Our phones are now extensions of our bodies.


But stop and consider how much goes on inside your phone or computer in one nanosecond—or your body for that matter. It’s magic. Are there codes involved? Sure. But codes are the magic words. You still need someone to wield the wand.


Wandy’s our guy. We hope you get the chance to collaborate with it soon.

Nick Trawinski - Founder of PolicyWand
Nick Trawinski

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