For the Best Life Insurance, Trust the System

For the Best Life Insurance, Trust the System

A customer service agent smiling and answering questions from a client regarding best life insurance options on the telephone.

For the Best Life Insurance, Trust the System

If you’re over a certain age, you remember calling customer service and having a human answer the phone. We all know those interactions aren’t normal anymore. Automated technology is standard today.

And technology continues to evolve. For example, PolicyWand just adopted aggregator neural network technology in the form of Wandy, an avatar designed to provide initial customer services to online visitors in search of the best life insurance.

But AI can’t get inside your head. Wandy can only go so far to get you to a life insurance policy that will fit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. Yes, avatars like Wandy accelerate the process with upfront data gathering and quotes, but life insurance is personal. It deserves human interaction.

The best systems blend automation and human interaction.

Life Insurance Agents

The best thing to come from automated technology is that it’s encouraged life insurance agents to reevaluate their business approach. Why would anyone take time to drive to a storefront with a pushy life insurance salesperson inside when they can hop online from home?

Life insurance agents have had to adapt from being a salesperson to being an answers-person. When technology connects you to a live agent today, you’ve already received your quotes. There’s no more selling to do.

That’s good news.

But there are still plenty of questions. No two life insurance clients have identical medical or financial situations. Their questions are as unique as their needs. And most people prefer to speak with a person rather than a data-collecting avatar when discussing them.

Life insurance customers want a licensed life insurance agent with the knowledge and experience to identify the best products to meet their needs. If just anyone could answer your questions, the process would go faster. But quality takes time and specialized knowledge that doesn’t come from a call center.

So getting from an avatar to a licensed agent requires a wait, sometimes minutes and sometimes hours, depending on when your call comes in. Normal business-hours calls take minutes. A call that comes in after business hours will require a ticket for a returned call in the morning.

Providing exceptional service takes time. But think of it this way. If you must wait a few minutes, it’s probably because the life insurance agent you’re waiting to speak to is providing the best service they have to give. And if they’re committed to that kind of quality, they’ll extend the same to you when it’s your turn to discuss your life insurance needs.

You just have to trust the system.

Nick Trawinski - Founder of PolicyWand
Nick Trawinski

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